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Non-Smoking Policy

Lancaster NH Colonel Town Recreation Center

Non-Smoking Policy



FOR Colonel Town Recreation Community House, Pool and surrounding sports fields. Adopted by Colonel Town Recreation on May 8, 2002 .

Policy Intent: The purpose of the following policy is to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and adults attending and participating in Colonel Town Recreation events by committing to promote an active, healthy, tobacco-free lifestyle for the youth of New Hampshire .

Supporting Information: Tobacco is extremely unhealthy and addictive.  It contributes to or is a direct cause of serious illness and fatal disease.  Second hand smoke is also unhealthy and is categorized as a Group A carcinogen capable of causing serious illness for the non-smoker, especially for children.

Furthermore, the New Hampshire Law RSA 126-K states that no person under 18 years of age shall purchase, use or possess tobacco products; and New Hampshire Law RSA 169-B permits a juvenile age 12 or older, who is in possession of tobacco products, to be treated as an adult and given a District Court summons.

Policy Objectives Include:

  • To set a good example for youth

  • To promote healthy living

  • To reduce the number of children who start smoking

  •  To protect families from breathing secondhand smoke

  •  To keep Colonel Town grounds free of litter due to smoking remnants


1.    Recognizing coaches and other adults as role models for the team, the Colonel Town Recreation Department institutes a complete ban on tobacco use by all persons during practices, trainings, and any other Colonel Town activities.

2.    To eliminate the mixed messages youth receive it is required that coaches and players who wear shirts, hats and other gear that display tobacco logos, adopt a dress code that prohibits the wearing of this type of clothing at practices and other club or team-sponsored activities.  Furthermore, tobacco company sponsorship is prohibited.

3.    Copies of this policy are distributed to all coaches, players, parents and others who participate with Colonel Town .