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Community Camp Rules

Community Camp Rules

  • Please sign in at the registration box when entering the picnic area.

  • Please take your garbage with you.  Garbage Removal Fee (if garbage is now taken away) - $15. 

  • Fishing pond has a 2 fish limit per day -- NO SWIMMING!!

  • This camp has been provided for everyone to enjoy -- please conduct yourself in a positive and courteous manner.

  • BE SURE TO BRING YOUR OWN CHARCOAL!! As a safety precaution, we ask that you do not burn wood.


- The user group is responsible for set up and clean up (i.e. tables and chairs).  If a maintenance person is needed to assist in this process, the fee is $15/hour.  This service will not be available on Sundays.

- The user group must clean up after themselves, which includes taking the garbage away.  If the garbage is not removed, there will be a $15 garbage removal fee.

- The user group assumes all responsibility for any goods, materials, and equipment it places at Colonel Town before, during, or after its event.

- Colonel Town Recreation will inspect for damages after each event has concluded.  Damage to the facility and property shall be paid for in full by the person or group signing this Agreement.

- Colonel Town Recreation is a Drug Free Zone.  Therefore, smoking or other tobacco-related products are allowed.

- If a Colonel Town Recreation employee will not be available during this rental, Colonel Town will contact the user group to set up a time to conduct a walk-through prior to the rental.

- If the user group is renting the facility for a public event, program, or activity, the user group must present proof of insurance.  The insurance must be a $1,000,000 comprehensive general liability insurance policy naming Colonel Town Recreation as an additional insured.

- Do not overload the electric sockets (i.e. using several power strips).

- Minors need to be accompanied by an adult on the playground and at the fishing pond.