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Code of Conduct for Parents and Players

Lancaster NH Colonel Town Recreation Center

Code of Conduct for Parents and Players


The Colonel Town Recreation Center has a defined Code of Conduct for parents and payers and includes a strict no tolerance policy.


  • Please realize there are different goals for intramurals and travel teams.

  •  Support your child and coach.

  •  Be positive with your child and his/her teammates.

  • Be respectful to game officials; they are usually volunteers.

  • Key on the positives, not negatives.

  • Most children forget losing very quickly – you should, too.

  • Make sure players get to the games and practices on time.  If there is a problem, let the coach know in advance.  Otherwise, playing time can be affected.

  • No smoking, tobacco products, alcohol or drugs on Colonel Town property – inside the building and outside on the fields, playgrounds, parking lots, and the pool.

  • All complaints will be directed to the Directors first, not to the coaches or other workers.

  • Make sure you get to games and practices on time.  Let the coach know if you will be late or absent, and explain why.  Otherwise, playing time can be affected.

  • Show respect to your coaches, teammates, opponents, and game officials.

  • No smoking, tobacco products, drugs or alcohol.

  • Take care of the fields and the facilities by wearing clean sneakers and using the equipment properly.  Do not litter.

  • Show good sportsmanship.  Name calling and swearing will not be tolerated.

  • Attend practices with the intent to learn by paying attention.  No fooling around.

  • Have fun!

No Tolerance Policy

Colonel Town has established a NO TOLERANCE POLICY towards unsportsmanship behavior.

Any PLAYER, COACH or SPECTATOR who verbally disagrees, abuses or loudly expresses oneself can be ejected, penalized or removed from the premises.  This may be done without warning and will be strictly enforced.

Most of the officials and workers are volunteering their time.  Please respect their efforts in putting on a quality program for the children.